Not a normal post

On average I wouldn't usually blog about this, but I feel I have to! As you can see on my blogger page,i have a media player which plays a lot of lostprophets songs. After recent news revelations about the lead singer of the band. I wanted to say that I will not remove the video's from my blog and I will not accept anyone slagging the band off. For me its innocent until proven guilty, I know online its guilty until proven innocent. As a band they inspired me to write this book and I have many happy memories from going to gigs and meeting fellow fans, who I consider good friends.
 People will make comment and I know they will but lostprophets fans are struggling with this news and it should be respected by the haters that its a lot to take in for us. So if you have nothing nice to say then don't say it!
#ISupportIan #ISupportLostprophets 

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