playlist so far

In no particular order, I will rearrange it once I have it sorted in my mind how each song relates to each chapter, there are some that already apply to certain scenes and over time they won't be moved.

1. Jas: Unconditionally- Katy Perry
2. Xavier: Anything- The calling
3. Jenna: Sugar we're going down- Fall out boy
4: Jas: The best- Foo Fighters
5. Xavier: Bad Romance- 30 seconds to mars
6. Jenna: Is Anybody out there- Madilyn Bailey and Corey Gray
7. Xavier: Stay-  30 seconds to mars
8. Jas: Disturbia- Rhianna
9. Xavier- Leave me alone- The Veronicas
10. Jas- Chills in the evening- Tom Fletcher
11. Xavier- Wide awake- Katy Perry
12. Jas: Chandelier- The Script
13. Jenna: Drops of Jupiter- Train
14. Jas: Hold my Hand- New Found Glory
15. Jenna: Teenagers- My chemical romance
16: Xavier: Misery loves my company- Three days grace
17: Jas: Before the worst- The Script
18. Xavier: What you want - Evanescence
19. Jenna: The pretender- Foo Fighters
20. Jas: Likin Park- Numb
21: Jenna: The Irony of choking on a lifesaver- All Time Low
22. Jas: Titanium- Madilyn Bailey
23. Xavier: I'm Not Okay- My Chemical Romance

That's my selection ordered so far, there are some on the play list i haven't placed yet and i am open to any suggestion, please comment with the youtube link to songs and I will have a listen and see if i can use them. 

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