I don't look like an erotic fiction writer

What exactly does an erotic fiction writer look like? Other than not me, obviously.
Hi by the way, I am tempting writing this and hoping the guy who said it doesn't read this.  He could seem as this posts to twitter, so best not make him uncomfortable.
Apparently I look like i go to church once a week and get easily offended, pretty sure neither of those are compliments. At least i have learnt i must dress like a religious nut and must also come across as up tight.
Why do people find it so shocking I write erotica? Everyone is the same, when i say it. Its not written from personal experience, I wish it was! Its fiction its starts in my head and finishes on the page.
There's no bondage, sadism, spanking or use of floggers. Just a modern take of a bodice ripper, if you like.
Anyway I am off to find out what those who write erotic fiction look like. I hope they don't all look llike Katie Price!

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