I know how I am going to finish the book!

That's the first thing, it came to me in a dream and we are almost there, which means the stuff i have cut means book too is almost written as well, bonus!!!
  So excited its nearly done, its taken me almost 5 years to write this book, what with writers block, course work and I can't be arsed moods. But almost there and its mainly down to the support of my awesome mate Craig Hallam, who's books you should also check out. His link to wordpress is on this blog.

Secondly no I don't look like an erotic fiction writer and thankfully none of them look like Katie Price, usually they are plus 40 age wise and i can state right now, i am not close to 40, apparently I look about 23 so I will take that as a compliment, in my aging years of 29. 

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